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Lost Orchard

Apples Like You've Never Seen Before

The Majesty of The Empress

The Empress apple tree believed to be over a century old

The majesty of the Empress is unmistakable. This towering apple tree dwarfs the others, as you can see from the two-storey barn in the background and the 12-foot ladder that barely reaches the lower branches of this striking tree. Seated at the epicentre of the acreage, the Empress seems like the guardian of the Lost Orchard. This impressive tree must have lived for a hundred or more years to have reached such a stature, reminding me of her strength through even the coldest and bleakest winters, the unrelenting droughts of summer, and the harshest of times. She stands as a reminder that we, too, have the strength to overcome our greatest challenges and to reach for the stars. I'm standing here with this stunning tree to show the massive stature of this tree that produces plentiful amounts of crimson-red apples.

Me picking apples from The Empress

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Thanks to the commercialization of apples that favour appearance over taste, nutritional value, or ability to survive changing climatic conditions, we've already lost hundreds of varieties of superior apples. Help us to save seemingly near-extinct varieties of apples and preserve our food heritage at the Lost Orchard with your purchases and donations. 

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